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Best 10 Anime Characters with Chuunibyou How amazing!

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Let’s briefly explain what Chuunibyou is:Chuunibyou is a Japanese word that describes people who mix up fantasy with reality. This isn't the only definition of the term, it also applies to those who believe they ...

Best 10 Horror Anime Characters That’s Amazing

Best 10 Horror Anime Characters That’s Amazing

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The horror genre draws out an intense fear from all viewers, leaving us trembling with an overwhelming sense of uneasiness. For every viewing experience, there are many elements that can contribute to the horror genre; ...

The 10 Best Evil Characters in Anime You’ve Never Seen

The 10 Best Evil Characters in Anime You’ve Never Seen

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Anime would not be as fun to watch if it didn’t have some amazingly evil characters for our heroes to face off against. If everyone was good, the story would probably get dull quite quickly Though not all evil character...

Best 5 Psychotic Anime Characters to Die For!

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Ever wonder what it takes to make it onto a list of pure, unadulterated psychosis? Well you have to be full of the abnormal, thoroughly caught up in the pain and suffering of others to the point of pure ecstasy. You hav...

Who Are The 10 Luckiest Anime Characters

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Some people just have all the luck, but it’s rare to be lucky all the time. So it’s quite common, especially in Japan, to pray for additional luck. For anyone who perceives him or herself as inherently unlucky, a fortune...

Best 10 Classy Anime Characters

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With an array of vibrant and colorful characters to bring our favorite anime to life, the classy archetype is the kind of personality that many of us grow to admire and enjoy. The classy anime character is one that is el...