Best 10 Japanese Anime character names

A name says a lot of things about a person. Sometimes it’s the way that person looks or at times it’s a title he or she has gotten because of what they have done. In this top 10 list, we will take a look at the coolest anime names we have gotten used to over the years. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of awesome names out there but let’s try to get it down to at least ten names shall we?

More specifically in this list we will get to the names that just sound and feel really cool to say and read. Of course, some names just are really cool to say and we have all have those names that we find cool based on the character.. But let’s just focus on the name itself this time.

So grab onto anything close to you and let’s head for the Best 10 Cool Anime Names

10. Kira (Death Note)

Episodes: 37
Aired: October 4, 2006 – June 27, 2007

Kira is the name of Light Yagami’s alter ego he has as the owner of the Death Note and of course, this means that Kira is the name of the judge and jury of life and death. One must have a cool disguise name in order not to get caught so Kira is a good fit right? When talking about the actual name, it does sound pretty cool to just say it and it is cool because of the sound and the fact that it sounds like it can be both a hero and anti-hero’s name. And that is what the name stands for in Death Note as well. In the beginning, it was for pure justice and then Kira slipped over to the dark side. These are some of the facts which make the name Kira cool, but also, it’s cool because of it’s actual meaning in Japanese which perhaps many do not think of: ‘’Kira’’ = ‘’Killer’’.

9. Daisuke (D.N. Angel)

Episodes: 26
Aired: April 3, 2003 – September 25, 2003

The name Daisuke is a quite common name when talking about anime and manga. Which is not so strange because it’s a Japanese name but let’s get to the name. Daisuke is a name that feels cool and also looks cool because of the two names it is written of. Usually because it’s a cool name by sound and how it’s written, this name is normally given to the main character of such stories. It is a cool name because of how it is being said and also because it has a sort of mystery to it, with the strong sounds that are being pronounced.

8. Yuki (Mirai Nikki)

Episodes: 26
Aired: October 9, 2011 – April 15, 2012

Now Yuki is a name which can be a girls and a boys name. Why it is cool is perhaps because it’s a strange name when you really think about it. But for this list it happens to get into this top 10 list because of the strangely cool part it possesses. When getting to the sound of the name it sound like a cool name because of the strong Y and K in the way the name is being spoken. Furthermore, when you look at the name, it seems kind of different and cool. Other factors about the name Yuki which make it cool is how it’s a short and easy to remember kind of name, and it fits the hero of the anime quite well.

7. Goku (Dragon Ball)

Episodes: 153
Aired: February 26, 1986 – April 12, 1989

Here we got a name that speaks for itself. First of all, the name sounds cool and it’s one-of-a-kind when it comes to names. It does help also that the character Goku is pretty darn cool too. But to the actual name, Goku sounds cool because it sounds like it’s out of this world when pronouncing it with the Go and Ku, since this is a pretty rare combination in Japanese names. So again it’s a name that is on the strange side but also happens to be a cool name as well. It’s not a difficult name to remember because of its length and because of the fact that it’s an ‘out of this world’ kind of name, it becomes pretty cool.

6. Rukia (Bleach)

Episodes: 366
Aired: October 5, 2004 – March 27, 2012

Rukia is a fitting name for a cool person because so is the name. It’s also a name which brings a little mystery to it at the same time. As we all know in Bleach, Rukia is a Death God and in a way, she is not of this world and as such she needs a cool name which isn’t as normal and uncool as some names can be. When listening to the name, it’s one that will grab people’s attention and because it’s not as common in our world, it’s a cool name that will be remembered. Not only that, but when thinking of our favorite Death God, the name Rukia will never fade from our memories because of the cool style it possesses.

5. Ranmaru (Naruto)

Episodes: 220
Aired: October 3, 2002 – February 8, 2007

Ranmaru is a special name and it’s one which is cool because of how it sounds. It also sounds different because of it’s structure. Now why it is cool is because of the sounds the name brings out when being said. It has a tone of something that comes from the mystical Nordic countries of Scandinavia in Europe. Which is a cool thing and is why the name made it onto this list. It is kind of short and mysterious which again, is part of the appeal of this name. Because the name is somehow mysterious it brings out a lot of questions and just makes the name seem that much more cool.

4. Dante (Devil May Cry)

Episodes: 12
Aired: June 14, 2007 – September 6, 2007

A name which isn’t as normal when it comes to anime, maybe because it’s an Italian name. The background to Capcom’s Dante in Devil May Cry actually goes back to the philosopher Dante Alighieri ‘Father of the Italian Language’. But enough about history and let’s get to the name. Dante is a name which sounds cool because of how strong the name sounds even though it’s a short name. And when talking about Devil May Cry, Dante is a not a bad name for a half human, half demon slayer. The thing that makes the name cool and fitting for this kind of character is the fact that it has the meaning of ‘enduring,’ which is a quality a demon slayer should have.

3. Yahiko (Naruto Shippuden)

Episodes: Unknown
Aired: February 15, 2007

Yahiko is a name many Naruto-fans are accustomed to. The name is special because of the way it sounds and because of it’s originality. But also because of the strange sound it brings, it sets it’s foot on this list for cool names. It’s a cool name because of the strange sound but also because of the sense of mystery the name also brings. It’s a name which suits a strong and different kind of person if one just listens to it. The name Yahiko sounds more unique, and because of the mystery and the fact that it’s a not-so-common name, it gets a spot on this list.

2. Levi (Attack on Titan)

Episodes: 25
Aired: April 7, 2013 – September 29, 2013

When talking about names that speak for the person, Levi is one of those names. It’s a short name but that’s why we also love it. Because how the name Levi is pronounced it becomes cool. A powerful name and to be honest it sounds cool and strong when thinking about it. It’s a name that suits a person who doesn’t need that many words to show people that he is strong because the name itself is. That is something we all have gotten the chance to see when it comes to Levi from Attack on Titan. It is also not a very common name which makes it more cool and memorable.

1.Tsubasa Ootori (Metal Fight Beyblade: Baku)

Episodes: 51/span>
Aired: April 4, 2010 – March 27, 2011

Sometimes just a name can speak power, mystery, specialness, or just pure awesomeness. In this case, it’s the feeling of coolness that the name Tsubasa Ootori projects to it’s listeners and readers. It’s cool because it has a short form yet is powerful when spoken. Not only is it because it sounds cool, but it looks cool as well. And it also brings out the mystery of ‘I wonder what kind of person this is?’. And isn’t that what a name should project? But in short Tsubasa Ootori has a strong yet cool feel to itself as a name and therefore it takes the spot as number one. If you were wondering, the word ‘tsubasa’ translates to ‘wing’, and ‘ootori’ to ‘large bird’. Oddly enough, Tsubasa is very much like a mysterious, yet majestic bird flying to an unknown destination.

And that’s that. Here we got some pretty cool names and some awesome characters that goes with them.